Deep effect, high comfort, fast result.
More beautiful contours
Can be booked independently or as a combination treatment.
Our ultrasound treatment stimulates the skin with 10 megahertz waves that act precisely on the cells that form collagen and elastin. Thus, the treatment improves the firmness of the skin and helps to achieve beautiful contours.

Skin improvement should be quick - everyone knows this desire. Whether we treat wrinkles, skin impurities, redness or reduced elasticity, it should be uncomplicated and convincing. Little effort, top result desired. Cosmetic ultrasound fulfills this wish and has therefore been one of the successful methods in aesthetic skin treatment for decades. The effects of ultrasound treatments have been scientifically proven. REVIDERM offers a study-proven technology even for home use. No other procedure combines effect and well-being so excellently.

Our ultrasound treatment can be added to almost any skin treatment or booked alone. The study-proven technology of 1, 3 or 10 MHz brings sound with high intensity into the skin. Since the sound waves of 1 and 3 MHz penetrate deeper into the skin, they are performed only by skin experts. The result is immediately visible and the ultrasound has an effect far beyond the treatment. For maximum results, a course of 6-8 treatments at intervals of 1 week is recommended.

Perfectly suitable for
  • Wrinkles and folds
  • Sagging contours
  • Visible veins and redness
  • Blemishes and pimple marks
  • Irritated and sensitive skin
  • Cellulite


What does ultrasound do in the skin?

What happens when a drop hits a smooth water surface? A gentle wave motion is created. Nothing else happens when ultrasound hits the skin - the tissue and cells are set into vibration. The resulting vibrations have the power to stimulate important processes in the skin.

Which frequency for which treatment?

The frequency (MHz) determines the penetration depth of the sound. In cosmetics, frequencies between 1 MHz and 10 MHz are used. The smaller the MHz number, the deeper the sound goes into the body tissue. Therefore, higher frequencies are particularly suitable for treating the face, the lower ones for the body.

How does ultrasound feel on the skin?

Treatment with ultrasonic waves is very pleasant and relaxing. The sound itself is not felt, sometimes a pleasant warmth is produced.

Which ultrasound solution is the best for you and what exactly should you as a user pay attention to? Let us determine and treat your skin needs together.

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