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Permanent hair removal (Laser)

For flawless skin in every part of the body.
Say goodbye to painful epilation and constant shaving.
Smooth thing - do you also dream of silky, smooth skin? The zodiac laser method is gentle on the skin and at the same time specifically developed for permanent hair removal. The high penetration depth particularly distinguishes our laser. The waves thus ensure a hair-free and fast result.

Our high-power diode laser zodiac deactivates the roots of disturbing hairs - faster, safer and more precisely than previously available technologies. Its rays reach deep into the skin with a precisely defined wavelength, delivering their energy specifically to the roots of dark hairs and thus stopping hair growth. The comfortable cooling system prevents pain and skin damage in the process.

All advantages
  • Higher penetration depth to destroy deeper hair follicles
    = More thorough hair removal
  • Fastest hair removal system worldwide
    = Short treatment time even for larger areas
  • Gentle and fast hair removal method for larger areas with higher hair density and thickness
    = Fast, gentle and low-pain treatment method, especially suitable for dark hair types
  • Guarantees highly safe treatments
    = automatic monitoring of the cooling temperature guarantees particularly efficient and pleasant cooling on the skin
    = automatische Überwachung der Kühltemperatur garantiert besonders effiziente und angenehme Kühlung auf der Haut
Target group
  • Effective for women and men
  • Almost all areas
  • Almost all hair colors
  • All skin types (I - VI)
  • Possible all year round
  • Low risk of side effects


We offer precision without spreading loss.

During hair removal by Intensed Pulsed Light (IPL), energy is superficially directed into the skin through a broad spectrum of wavelengths. The disadvantage compared to treatment with high-power diode laser zodiac: possible undesirable side effects on and in the skin, longer treatment time, lower efficiency.

We do not promise too much.

Our technology is suitable for almost all skin types, so it is effective even on tanned skin. However, it cannot remove white, gray and red hair because their roots do not absorb the energy sufficiently. Initial results are visible on dark hair after just one treatment, but several sessions are necessary for the best possible hair removal. The average hair reduction after 6 months is 70%.

Does laser epilation remove hair completely?

A permanent, residual hair removal is not possible according to the current state of knowledge. Even with multiple treatments, about 10 to 30 percent of the hair roots remain active, depending on predisposition. However, the remaining hair changes: it usually becomes considerably finer and therefore hardly visible or noticeable.

How many treatments are necessary?

According to our experience, eight to ten treatments are sufficient for a satisfactory, lasting result.

How much interval should there be between treatments?

For optimal efficiency, we recommend four to six weeks between appointments. The waiting time ensures that many hair roots have entered the active phase again, where they can be treated with laser light.

Before and after each treatment you should refrain from waxing, sugaring, etc. In addition, it is important to refrain from sun exposure or solarium for 10 - 15 days.