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Initial treatment: computerized skin analysis with a customized treatment for your skin needs
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Skin analysis

Computerized skin analysis - a journey through the skin layers
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For each treatment you can book attractive additional treatments - we will be happy to advise you
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Supplementary Treatments

Oxy III - Freshness kick for radiant skin - 15 min.

Special treatment to improve skin and cell respiration. The skin becomes soft, rosy and smooth. Particularly suitable for stressed, reddened skin and mature, tired, photodamaged skin. Also suitable for smoker's skin for energetic rejuvenation.


PCA - Fruit acid treatment - 45 min.

Unique fruit acid peeling that can be individually tailored to the needs of different skin conditions. Optimally tolerated, for a healthy complexion. Ideal for calloused skin, a dull complexion and coarse skin texture.


Rebalance Hydro - a detoxifying massage treatment - 15 min.

The detoxifying massage has an exfoliating and cleansing effect. It sustainably improves the skin's moisture content, increases the skin's radical protection and visibly improves the complexion. The additional treatment is suitable for all skin types.


Collagen fleece - the immediate aid (also for collagen eye pads) - 15 min.

The collagen fleece provides maximum moisture and has a smoothing effect on the skin. It has a soothing and regenerating effect. Redness is minimized. The skin looks visibly plump and healthy. The additional treatment is suitable for all skin types.


Detox professional - immediate help for blemished skin - 15 min.

The additional treatment is especially for blemished skin. It has a clarifying and antibacterial effect. The skin flora is optimized, skin impurities are reduced and their healing is promoted. The complexion immediately appears clearer and finer.


Facial cleansing - 30 min.


Classic facial treatment - 60 min.