While harvesting olives together in Tuscany, the two founders Diny Zagan and Dominik Bauermeister talked about beauty and balance - this is how the TRUE CARE concept  was born. Because beauty has many facets and above all stands the harmony between all elements of existence.  It means harmony between our appearance, our skin and our soul. Regardless of what is considered beautiful in purely visual terms, balanced and self-confident people are naturally more attractive than people who are stressed and unbalanced.

Well-groomed skin and a stylish appearance paired with inner balance can have a strong positive influence on a person's perception of beauty and self-confidence. So how can we give people, for whom the faster pace of everyday life is becoming a challenge, external care and inner balance for more beauty and self-confidence?

The answer lies in the TRUE CARE concept, which creates a unique harmony between special dermatological cosmetic expertise, the latest effective treatment techniques and excellent service.

Real skincare and attention (TRUE CARE) that can be offered to people.

Utilizing REVIDERM devices and care products, honored with 19 Awards in recent years, TRUE CARE aspires to establish itself as a distinctive institute concept in Germany, focusing on anti-aging and laser hair removal.

TRUE CARE aims to be the best provider of anti-ageing and laser hair removal treatments, offering distinctive beauty results and experiences based on Diny's extensive expertise in understanding end consumers and their beauty desires, expectations, and ideals regarding beauty and cosmetics and Dominik's decades of experience with the best high-tech beauty equipment and highly effective dermo-cosmetic products.


TRUE CARE means perfect harmony and convinces on one hand with outstanding expertise, equipment and cosmetic results and on the other hand with excellent customer service, extended business hours (Monday - Friday from 8 am to 10 pm and Saturdays until 8 pm), easily accessible location in the city, exquisite atmosphere and an extraordinary beauty experience.


Diny Zagan
  • Managing Director & Co-Founder TRUE CARE
  • Graduate of the elite university "Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich"
  • Over 20 years of experience in the cosmetics industry in well-known companies such as, WALA Group, REVIDERM AG and Horst Kirchberger
  • Most recently as Vice president marketing at BHI Beauty & Health Investment Group & asambeauty
  • Strengths & passion in strategy development marketing, business & product development
Dominik Bauermeister
  • Owner & CEO REVIDERM AG since 1993
  • Owner & founder of TRUE CARE GmbH and BAGA GmbH
  • Graduate of the St. Gallen university for management & corporate leadership
  • For 4 years on the Finance & Controlling Management board of METRO AG - CH, as well as Head of controlling at METRO SPA - IT
  • Owner & CEO of REVIDERM AG for 30 years, one of the best and most innovative companies, in the beauty industry


  • Skin expertise: TRUE CARE studio treatments are carried out exclusively by professional and experienced cosmeticians. They are qualified through further training at the reowned REVIDERM Academy
  • Treatment intelligence: "True Care" laser hair removal and anti-aging treatments are always based on scientific studies. State-of-the-art equipment, treatment concepts and products guarantee highly effective treatments that are as gentle as possible on the skin
  • Customized care concepts: TRUE CARE inspires with service excellence. New customers undergo a comprehensive, personalized skin analysis. Based on the results of the analysis, the cosmetician develops a customized treatment plan
  • Service excellence: Great flexibility (easily accessible studios and long opening hours as a matter of course), modern facilities, exquisite atmosphere